To the Editor:

Oct 062005

Well-done Mr. Chapman. Just when I think that you have written an article that has reach the pinnacle of offensiveness and ignorance, you easily manage to write an article even more offensive and a thousand times more ignorant.

I find it ignorant that you would lump a whole group of people together based on one thing they have in common. I find it ludicrous that you think every Democrat is a baby-killing pervert just because you are completely devoid of any intellectual or reasonable thought.

What kind of reasonable and moral human being would make the same assumptions about millions of people based on the fact that they check a different box than you on a ballot?

I agreed that we should have gone to war after 9/11 and still believe we should go to war. But I think that we should have attacked the right country. Also supporting the troops does not have to coincide with supporting the war.

I think the war on Iraq is ridiculous, but I have numerous family members and several friends serving there at this moment. I support them whole heartedly and think it's moronic to believe that I don't pray for the safety and well being of my family because I don't support the war.

You also referred to liberals as Pagans? Even you had to laugh at that. Maybe I'm taking Mr. Chapman too seriously. No rational person could believe what he wrote. Right?

Byron Moore


Computer engineering

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