Oct 062005

Tommy Herrera was critiquing Jennifer Walton's idea that "what you choose for yourself is what is right for you." While he is correct in identifying this as relativism, his argument against it is flawed.

Mr. Herrera forgot we were only talking about religion in this case. Bringing the Hitler and Stalin defense against relativism doesn't work in this argument. As a philosophy major, he should know not to muddle the issue.

Next we turn to diversity, tolerance and absolute truth. Thousands of religions exist and most claim absolute truth. What are we to do, Mr. Herrera? I guess I am blithely dismissing absolute truth. Can we all be right? Maybe in a perfect world, but it isn't. Religion is based on faith. As a philosophy major, Mr. Herrera should know faith-based arguments cannot be proven right or wrong, only debated. I believe what I want to believe, and as long as my beliefs do not cause harm to others I should not be criticized.

Geoff Watson


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