Oct 062005

Dear Editor,

Ryan Chapman's hate-filled opinion piece ironically named, "Correcting Liberal Lies," gives some good insight into why we are losing the battle in Iraq. He has the audacity to attack a group of people (which ironically is a stereotype) by their religious affiliation.

Mr. Chapman states, "Liberals pray more to their pagan gods for the wellbeing…than they ever would for the men and women who give them their freedom." I strongly think that this type of statement is un-democratic and un-American, especially in a time of war where we are trying to depict this as a war against terror and not Islam. Un-democratic statements like this make me doubt that our true mission in Iraq is to bring them freedom; particularly when the people who adamantly defend the war do not respect things like religious freedom here at home.

Ryan "more patriotic than you" Chapman obviously supports this war in Iraq and the Bush administration's failed policies, and even claims that he is more supportive of the troops than his democratic counterparts.

However, with statements like, "prisoners of the luxurious Guantanamo Bay," it is obvious that he doesn't put his money were his mouth is. The widespread abuse of prisoners in both Abu Garib and Guantanamo has no doubt hurt our military and political goals in Iraq. Ethical treatment of detainees is an important safeguard with respect to our troops; we cannot expect the enemy to treat our soldiers humanly if we do not give them the same respect.

More importantly than that, we cannot expect the Iraqis to trust us when we are torturing innocent people in the same prisons Saddam Hussein used to kill and torture his adversaries. Yet Mr. Chapman thinks it is okay to joke about this serious issue, which is disrespectful to our service men and women. I think the war in Iraq can be won, but we will most certainly lose if both Democrats and Republicans continue to let President Bush follow on this destructive path.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of Americans no longer believe this war is winnable. If Mr. Chapman is serious about winning this war than he should stop spewing hate and start holding our commander-in-chief responsible for his failed policies. Since he will not give us a strategy for winning, here is mine. First let the Iraqis rebuild their country instead of Halliburton and the Carlyle group and put the needed number of troops on the ground with adequate equipment and stop the mistreatment of our POW's.

David Gingrich

Alumnus and Research Associate

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