Oct 062005

In the Bush Administration, we have seen the very antithesis of all values Americans hold dear.

Every day, I deal with the finest, most decent and pleasant people I have known in all my 61 years – and they're all Americans!

Everywhere I look, I see people doing kindnesses for each other. It would be easy to say the recent hurricane disasters have brought us closer together, but I believe the character of Americans is truly above that demonstrated by the current administration.

None of the people I talk to actively desire the deaths of Iraqi civilians. In the course of my work, I frequently talk to people who really want to do something to help others. I know of the work of many hard-pressed nonprofit agencies, churches and schools – not to mention those courageous librarians!

The Americans I know don't think much more of liars than they did in Mark Twain's day. Most people seem more interested in getting to the truth than defending their political turf.

There's a certain humility, that "Aw, shucks!" attitude, which is always so disarming. Contrast that with the arrogance of these "public servants" who live off the rest of us and consider themselves too good to speak to a Gold Star mother.

Yes, I really love Americans. I believe our good should be "crowned with brotherhood." And I believe this government is not truly part of the America I know and love.


God Bless Americans!

Rev. Russ Jones

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