Oct 052005
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Thursday, Oct. 13

Fiction writers Jeffrey DeShell and Elisabeth Sheffield

7:30 p.m., Hatton Gallery, Visual Arts building

Thursday, Oct. 27

Pulitzer prize-winning poet Jorie Graham

7:30 p.m., Hatton Gallery, Visual Arts building

Thursday, Nov. 10

Poets Sasha Steensen & Gordon Hadfield

Poet Ian Tyson, MFA graduate student

7:30 p.m., Hatton Gallery, Visual Arts building

Thursday, Nov. 17

Four-by-Four Reading Series

7:30 p.m., Hatton Gallery, Visual Arts building

Thursday, Dec. 1

Nonfiction author le thi diem thuy

7: 30 p.m., Natural Resources building, room 113

The quiet chatter of nervous anticipation buzzed through the air, echoing off the white walls adorned with posters from the recent 14th Annual International Poster Invitational.

Dim spotlights reflected off black folding chairs aligned in two sections facing a nectarine podium topped by a black microphone stand. Behind the podium, seven posters appeared strategically placed, decorated with various colors including a vibrant red that conveniently directed all attention to the podium.

After being introduced, the first reader who approached the stand appeared humbled with his taupe plaid shirt, blue jeans and worn-out brown leather shoes. The crowd became silent as Joshua Marie Wilkinson began reading excerpts from his latest book, "The Area of Sound Called Subtone."

Wilkinson, along with Paul Fatturoso and Noah Eli Gordon, were among the three readers of poetry and prose poetry Sept. 29 as part of the creative writing program's Fall Reading Series. The participating authors were all Denver University students and have at least one published book.

The evening offered audience members a glimpse into the fictitious world of poetry, as well as the opportunity to speak with authors on the process of getting published.

The English department's creative writing program produces the reading series, which is run by Matthew Cooperman, assistant professor of creative writing, and Aby Kaupang, Master of Fine Arts graduate student studying poetry and assistant to the director of creative writing.

The reading series is sponsored by several different organizations including Associated Students of CSU, which helps fund the program to keep it alive.

"ASCSU has funded us for years and without their support, none of this would be possible," Cooperman said.

Cooperman and Kaupang work to bring in poets, nonfiction and fiction authors from across the nation with whom students can connect on a personal level.

"It brings in important writers and conversations about writing to the larger communities," Cooperman said. "It's an enormous asset to the university."

Kaupang got involved in order to help bring a bit of culture to the CSU community.

"I love the reading series," Kaupang said. "I wanted first hand experience and perspective."

Students and faculty from around campus can enjoy getting this experience with published authors, some of which this fall are Pulitzer Prize winners.

"Jorie Graham is coming Oct. 27 and she is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet," Cooperman said. "She is one of the most important poets working and is often seen as Madame Poetry."

Another part of the reading series is the Four-by-Four Reading Series, when graduate students in the MFA Creative Writing program from CSU, CU, University of Denver and Naropa University read their work.

"I like the reading program," said Callie Moench, junior English major. "I think the value in it is to hear what people are doing."

The reading series offers an opportunity for students to expose themselves to different forms of writing.

"It serves such an important function, I think, for our students throughout the university that we'll do everything we can to maintain it," Cooperman said. "We try to schedule a diverse reading series both in terms of experienced writers and more emerging writers – writers of national reputation, writers of diversity in color – and that diversity is hopefully reflected in our students. And if nothing else, it's reflected in the diversity of what's going on with writing in America."



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