Oct 052005
Authors: Caroline Welch

CSU fans sported Sonny Lubick faces at last Thursday's football game and on the back: the Green and Gold Student Spirit Code and a reminder of student conduct.

The Associated Students of CSU voted to endorse the code, but not without some debate and some concern about impeachment.

The code, said Shelby Wood, director of student services for ASCSU, is meant to outline a suggested standard for students to uphold, encouraging responsible drinking, courteousness at spirit events, taking responsibility for personal actions and sporting Ram Pride.

Mike Watson, senator for the College of Natural Sciences, said the code was a nice idea, but hard to uphold.

"The code is too positive for realistic purposes," Watson said. "They're good ideas, but too idealistic."

The code, Wood said, is meant as suggestions for behavior, but senators like Watson were concerned the code, if not followed, could be used against members of ASCSU and possibly lead to impeachment.

"You shouldn't be impeached for being discourteous to fans," Watson said. "We can't always show Ram spirit."

The legislation was passed only after guidelines for enforcement were outlined inside the legislation. According to the resolution, ASCSU members cannot be impeached based on whether or not their behavior is aligned with the spirit code.

"I don't think we should be held to a higher standard when it comes to the Green and Gold Spirit Code," Watson said. "I don't want the code to be used as a weapon against students."

ASCSU students are, however, held accountable through ASCSU's Code of Ethics, which Vice President Jon Muller said is more specific than the Green and Gold Student Spirit Code, but also inline with it.

"Our code of ethics is more defined," Muller said. "If you are acting against the spirit code, you are also acting against our code of ethics."

The code, Wood said, is meant to show all CSU students in a positive light and take attention away from negative behavior.

"This is what true Ram Pride looks like," Woods said. "They are basic ideals, like being responsible for your own actions and being aware of those consequences. We are bringing these ideals to the forefront of students minds."


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