Response to Brother Matt

Oct 042005

I do not know whether we are all going to hell or not, like Brother Matt says. However, I think he's awesome. Don't get me wrong – I hardly agree with anything he says. However, I like him for the fact he brings a unique perspective to campus and causes people to think. I like the diversity he provides.

I like that he's not afraid to get up there and speak his mind – it takes a lot of guts to do that and get shot down by hundreds of college students. Plus, where else but college can you get a unique experience like listening to some "idiot ramble on a rock?"

Even though I don't necessarily agree with him on everything, I do agree with him on the point that Christians can be hypocritical (for example when they drink and have pre-marital sex), that's kind of against their religion from what I understand.

Last week I also saw some Christian girl (probably twice the size of Matt) get up there on the rock with him, begin to argue and then push him off. Oh yeah, that's a true Christian for you! C'mon people let's at least be respectful of the man, even if you can't appreciate the diversity he provides CSU.

Regina Hopkins


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