In response to Brother Matt

Oct 042005

I am a very strong and firm believer of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and therefore believe in freedom of speech. However, I would lift up to the Collegian, CSU Administration and CSU Police Department that "Brother Matt" is in direct violation of his rights to free speech.

The Supreme Court stated that freedom of speech does not protect slander/defamation of character, nor does it protect the wanton invocation of violence.

This man has stated we are all sinners and should go to hell. His reasoning involves rash and rampant stereotyping that serves only the purpose of defamation of those at this campus, those who have been to this campus and those who go to any place of public learning. He states unequivocally that we, the students of CSU, are sluts, whoremongers, potheads, etc., and not Christians. This is undeniably defamation of our character (those at CSU. I have heard him state that we are all potheads, and even still he claims that we are not Christians).

Friday, between noon and 12:30 p.m., I debated with the man and watched him debate with others. In those 30 minutes the man used words, such as "slut" and "prostitute" in attempts to stir up the crowd. This alone is not an attempt to start violence, at least not one that I consider worthy of removal of the man, but there is more.

A man of the Hebrew faith spoke with him and "Brother Matt" told the Hebrew the Torah should be flushed down the toilet. Now, if anyone can explain to me how that is not an attempt to start a fight, I would more than gladly listen. The other man became very angry and got in the face of the "minister," but was calmed down. It was at this point, after many attempts, the "minister" actually spoke with me.

Since it was obvious I won the argument, the man began to then attempt to defame myself by saying that I am a girl because my wife and I have equal power. I told him I wasn't going to debate anymore because he wasn't listening and was merely attempting to lure myself into a bout of fisticuffs with himself. As I left, he continued his attempts by yelling out that I wasn't a man, but a girl since I don't rule my wife like a slave.


Daniel Owens


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