Correcting Liberal Lies

Oct 042005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

In the past few weeks nearly everything I believe has been challenged. I have been told that my Christian and Republican affiliations don't mesh. I have been told that if I support the war in Iraq but am not enlisted in the military then I am a hypocrite. And I have even heard rumors that the Collegian has revoked my ability to write inflammatory columns. Today I will tell you why all of these things are utterly false.

First off, Christian values and Republican ideals often go very well together. This is especially true when it comes to opposing institutions such as abortion and homosexual marriage, which are strictly forbidden by the Bible. When it comes to war, which I might remind you is not forbidden by the Bible, Republicans do what is best for the country and its citizens. Every one of us recognized the need for war after 9/11, but liberals have since faded in their conviction.

What doesn't make sense to me is not the term Christian conservative but rather the term Christian Democrat. People who could be categorized as those claim to be Christian, yet somehow find a way to support the killing of babies (and in Bill Clinton's case adultery, perjury and sexual perversion as well). And while I am on the topic, people who attack conservatives for opposing abortion and supporting capital punishment make me sick. Drug tests should be mandatory for those whacks that think unborn babies and violent murderers and rapists have the same right to life.

The second lie liberals have been spouting lately is that conservatives, most notably the College Republicans, are being hypocritical for supporting the war in Iraq/on terror and the troops serving in those wars without enlisting themselves. This is ludicrous. Supporting the troops means letting them do their jobs and praying for their safety, NOT saying you support them and then holding a rally damning the cause they are fighting for. Also, where exactly do the people spreading this garbage think the military gets their officers and best leaders if not from the ranks of college graduates?

What I don't understand is how liberals can claim conservatives are not really supporting the troops while they sit around refusing to support anything to do with the United States. Liberals pray more to their pagan gods for the wellbeing of the U.N. and prisoners of the luxurious Gautanamo Bay than they ever would for the men and women who give them their freedom.

Lastly, I would like to address the rumors that I can no longer write about politics. I hope it is obvious by what you just read that I can still write anything I please, and I won't be getting fired anytime soon.

I hope today's column helps all of you dig your way out of the huge pile of lies and accusations that this opinion page has been inundated with recently. If it doesn't, sorry, ask some of your Christian conservative friends to clear up any other questions you may have.


Ryan Chapman is senior marketing major. His column runs every Wednesday.

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