Oct 042005
Authors: JP Eichmiller

Don't let the mug shot fool you; Scott Bondy hasn't gotten better looking. Instead I, JP Eichmiller, am filling in for him this week in hopes of presenting a coherent argument to Collegian readers.

This week's subject is near and dear to my heart: college football. More specifically, which conference is currently the most dominant. Normally the argument would begin and end with the Big XII, but my Sooners are having an off year and won't return to the rankings until after our annual tromping of Texas this weekend.

So I am forced to go with the Southeast Conference. The reasons are twofold: fan support and strength of teams. I will begin with the former and move on to the latter.

With apologies to all of you fans from the heartland, no place in the country can match the enthusiasm and tradition that is held in the Southeastern United States. Pick almost any school from the conference, be it Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana State or Florida, and you will find a downright scary place for opponents to visit. Not only this, but the fans down there really know how to throw a party. If you are ever lucky enough to visit "The Grove" at Ole Miss or "Death Valley" in Baton Rouge you will know what I am talking about. They don't call the annual Georgia-Florida game the "Largest Cocktail Party in the World" for nothing. These people know how to get down.

And they come out in droves. None of this "29,000 in attendance" debacle that CSU goes through. If your stadium doesn't fill up with at least 80,000 in the SEC, then you are a small time player.

Let's move on to the strength of the teams. A quick glance at the AP rankings will show three undefeated SEC teams in the top ten and a total of six in the top 25. That's half the conference to you non-math majors. Even perennial doormat Vanderbilt is getting into the mix this year, having started the season 4-1.

The type of football played in the SEC is another strong point. The game style played has evolved over the past century with an always-entertaining mix of aerial attacks and strong running games. Compare this to the Big Ten, which often resembles your local Pop Warner league with its between-the-tackles running approach.

Speaking of the Big Ten, what a bunch of losers. Their best team, Ohio State, lost to Texas, which should bring them down a notch in anyone's book. The conference has become as outdated as those Ugg boots (please don't start showing up with them this winter, ladies). The Big Ten can no longer hold water to their traditional rival, the Pac-10, which surpassed them in talent and ability years ago.

Yes folks, if college football is your game, then the SEC is the place to be. The climate is great, the fans are knowledgeable and best of all, the teams are winners.

JP Eichmiller is the editor in chief of the Collegian. Scott Bondy will return next week.

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