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Oct 042005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

OK, first let me send a quick shout out to Scott Bondy who took the week off after suffering some rough losses to me over the past month. Great attitude SB! If you can't beat 'em, quit!

That said, let's move on to this week's topic.

The strongest conference in college football is, without a doubt, the Big Ten.

I know. I've lost it. I'm whacko. I've been eating paint chips and trying on women's clothing. How could the Big Ten be the best conference in football when SEC boasts the likes of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama? Well…

How about the fact that the Big Ten's record as a conference this year is 36-15 to SEC's 33-20? When you look at a conference you have to do just that, look at the whole thing. Don't pick out the best teams and have that be the basis of your argument.

SEC teams have three to four hyped games a year against their equals. The rest of the games are made for the highlight reel. They play teams who A. Know they're going to lose, B. Play like they're going to lose and C. Lose.

Hey, congratulations to No. 22 Auburn on that squeaker against South Carolina 48-7. It must be real hard breaking into the Top 25 with all those doormats in the way. In the Big Ten you don't find this happening.

The worst team in the Big Ten right now, by record, is Illinois. They have one win, which came over non-conference Rutgers. Rutgers is 3-1 and in second place in the Big East.

Comparatively the worst team in the SEC is probably Kentucky right now, tied for the worst record in the conference at 1-3. Their big win came against Idaho State from the Big Sky Conference. I know, nobody told me they had a football team over there either.

By the way, the feeling that the SEC has many more of the top teams in the nation than the Big Ten is off. The SEC has had six teams receive votes for the AP Top 25; the Big Ten has had eight.

And if there's anything that adds to the competitive atmosphere of a football game, it's the fans. And if there's anywhere you can find fans, it's the Big Ten Conference.

The Big Ten is home to three of the top four stadiums (max. occupancy) in the country. Ohio State's stadium holds over 105,000, Penn State's can hold more than 106,000, Michigan Stadium – 107,000.

So while you may not see a Big Ten team in the national championship game come January, don't make the mistake of thinking it's because they're not among the best of the best.

It's hard to have undefeated seasons when you're, you know, playing good teams.

Brett Okamoto is the sports editor of the Collegian.


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