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Authors: Aaron Schoonmaker

Let's flash back two weeks ago in Laramie, Wyo., the first rugby tournament of the season for the Rams. They trailed UNC in a 5-0 halftime score. Then the Bears erupted in a late score fest making the final score look worse than the game: 24-0.

This time CSU took the sheath of the horns, frustrating the University of Northern Colorado in the league opener Saturday in Greeley.

"We had lost to them before in the Jackalope," said senior captain Alyssa Amason. "I think they just took us a little too lightly."

Going into the game, the Rams were in need of a win after starting out 1-3 and dropping their home opener the weekend before.

This weekend it was a tenacious defense, scrum dominance and the scoring leadership of prop and team president Amanda Kehmeier, who scored both of the Rams' tries to get the 10-5 win.

"We did really well on defense," Kehmeier said. "Our defensive scrums were excellent; [UNC] hardly won any at all."

The win was a team effort, a concept that is becoming the staple of the Rams' success this year.

"If everyone doesn't do their job the team can't function," said Kaity Weaver, team vice president. "We are all doing what we're supposed to and we're playing well."

The Rams have had a couple of long opponents' tries get behind their defense in the previous weeks and really keyed on the defense in practice for this match.

"We worked all week on defense and really played well on Saturday," Amason said. "It was a team effort though, the forwards played really well too."

CSU plays Sunday against the University of Colorado-Boulder. CU is coming off a loss to UNC and is without a head coach.

"We're feeling confident and ready to play our game," Amason said.

The next home game for the Rams comes Oct. 16 when they host the Wyoming Cowboys. The Rams are excited to build off their first league win.

"It was such a good feeling," Weaver said. "And such a good start for us."

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