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I would like to thank Mr. Blumberg for his article and expand upon it. In his article, he explains that many younger members of the GOP don't share the views of the Christian right. I fully agree with his analysis, as I myself embrace fiscal conservatism while rejecting social conservatism.

However, this doesn't make one "liberal" as he states. Rather it makes one truly conservative. The conservative platform is typified by a belief in limited government, in both spending and power. This means true conservatives are actually "liberal" on the rights to choose regarding abortion, gay marriage, etc.

This sounds nothing like our current government, because the fact is, Republicans aren't true conservatives. Their ideals have been corrupted into the same elitist thought patterns that they denounce the Democrats for. Unfortunately, as a result, Republicans taint good conservatives.

What many don't realize, however, is there are other parties to choose from. The main parties misrepresent these "third parties" as extremists. While they are certainly not perfect, they are no more fanatical than the main parties, and their principles are far less corrupted.

I encourage anyone who feels alienated by the current GOP, or any conservatives who simply can't tolerate the GOP's social conservatism, to look into these parties. You might find a party that you can support whole-heartedly, rather than settling for the lesser of two evils and having to define what kind of Republican you are. If the shoe fits so loosely, stop wearing it.

Sean Towles


open-option major


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