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Oct 032005

Sure, I'm a Christian. Most people that know me know that. And as such, I'm called to evangelize, to tell others why I believe what I believe. But our "Brother Matt" is going about it wrong.

Sure, he has a right to say what he says, same as anyone else. And frankly, I think it takes a lot of guts to stand up there and do what he does, knowing he's hated by many. I also think its better to have something to say and SAY it, rather than never standing up for what one believes and then feeling like a coward later.

Still, I think he's missing the first rule of marketing: if you want to sell something, make it sound good. And if you ask me, it's not hard to make eternal life, forgiveness, salvation and love sound good; he seems to be working awfully hard to make it sound bad. And I know he's "not here to help, but to warn," but part of warning someone to turn away from their problems is telling them of the joy and peace that comes after they are saved! As far as I can tell, Mr. Bourgault is only going part of the way.

I applaud someone for trusting God to take care of them as they do what they think is right. But Brother Matt, you really need to go the whole nine yards. If you're here to convince people to turn from sin, finish the job and tell them of God's grace they'll receive when they do. Because right now, you're making all of us Christians sound like haters, and I know that's not your intent or your job. Tell the whole story; they're missing out.

Liz Bartlett


art major

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