Oct 022005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

It's final. I am never entering a movie theater thinking a flick is going to totally suck ever again. For the past three weekends I've been proven completely wrong, having been blessed with quality entertainment all semester.

"Into the Blue" is the latest multi-million dollar action/adventure/skin fest to grace the screens, and provides all of the above to the max power. Paul Walker, Jessica Alba and always beefcake comedian Scott Caan star as friends and fellow divers living on the coast of the Bahamas.

After a seriously nasty storm rolls through, the three set out to see if it stirred up any new treasures under the sand, alongside the scandalous Ashley Scott. After finding a few trinkets here and there, the four stumble upon a downed plane stuffed to the hilt with millions of dollars worth of cocaine. With a find like that you know the rest of the flick is going to be full of drug dealers, intense machete-wielding Alba action and amazing underwater cinematography to boot.

It's hard to silence the suck radar when Walker's name is on the top of the bill, but he manages to stay tolerable for the entire movie! He and Caan do serve up a healthy dose of meathead humor, but if you turn down the good-dialogue knob you'll probably find them hilarious, nonetheless.

Director John Stockwell takes the prize for being the one responsible for the guilty pleasure movie of the decade "Blue Crush," and has only kicked it up notches since. The end is such an assortment of insanity and fight scene lunacy with Alba's massive blade bearing arms, it's sure to suck gasps from even the most expecting.

What is it that makes treasure hunting and drug dealing movies so intriguing to watch? It's not that dealing with kilos upon kilos of coke sounds too appealing, or battling to the death over small rusted nails and necklaces. Whatever it is though, deciding to put both of these sure-fire audience attracters in one screenplay was a genius decision and anyone who likes either of the aforementioned genres is sure to squeal in glee over this one.

3 1/2 out of 5 rams heads

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