Oct 022005

I would like to thank Tyler Wittman for his op-ed regarding the "preacher" who set up on CSU's campus last Thursday and Friday.

There has been a flurry of discussion and argument concerning religion since our fall semester has started, and I'd like to point something out to all who have been involved.

It doesn't matter whom you pray to, or even that you pray at all. What you choose for yourself is what is right for you. What is critical in these discussions is that you are aware that others around you may not choose that same religion or follow the same path yours will take – and that it's not blasphemy, it's just different. Our differences are what make the world go round; if we didn't all have different areas of expertise and interest, we'd all be boring clones. Who would we argue with then?

Appreciate your differences and use them to grow and mature, rather than separate yourselves from your fellow human beings. CSU's campus is well on its way to becoming a wonderfully cosmopolitan campus – let's embrace it and see where it takes us!

Jennifer Walton

Graduate Student

Technical Journalism

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