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Dear Editor:

A letter by Brendan Vogt Jr. on Sept. 29 made several statements, which merit responses:

1. "what kind of 11 year old listens to NPR,"

Response: More 11-year-old kids should be encouraged to listen to NPR. It might make them better-informed adults.

2. "the United States attacked Afghanistan because that is where the people who attacked on Sept. 11 just so happened to be from."

Response: The Web site for Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) states the nationality of the 19 hijackers who attacked on 9/11 as follows: Saudi Arabia, 15; United Arab Emirates, 2; Egypt, 1; Lebanon, 1. None of the hijackers was from Afghanistan or Iraq.

3. "the U.S. attacked Iraq … to find non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction, or in other words, chemical and biological weapons."

Response: Several independent investigations have determined Iraq did not have any WMD, including nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, at the time we invaded Iraq.

4. The U.N. refused to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq "because Russia, France and Germany, who are members of the U.N., were on the payroll of Saddam and receiving money and oil illegally."

Response: The ambassadors to the U.S. from those three countries should be confronted by this statement. If it appears that the statement is true, the heads of those three governments should be arrested and tried by the International Criminal Court. If it is false, Mr. Vogt should be requested to apologize.

5. "the people standing on the corner with the U.N. flag should be embarrassed and ashamed."

Response: Those of us who stand on the southwest corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Street, from noon to 1 p.m. every Saturday SUPPORT THE WARRIORS BUT NOT THE WAR. We are proud to also support the founding mandate of the U.N., namely "to eliminate the scourge of war."

Anyone who wishes to join us on Saturdays to support the troops by bringing them home is welcome.


Joe Stern

Fort Collins resident

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