Sep 292005

We need seperation of church and state

There should be a separation between church and state.

If anyone looks to history, one will see that when the state is defined by the church, it fails. More often

than not, it is a horrible, miserable failure.

Unfortunately, this is still alive today in many areas

around the world, most obvious of which would be the Middle East.

Recently in our nation's history, debates have sprung up about whether or not religious teachings should be taught in secular public schools. Some say this violates the separation of church from state, while others say it is valuable to the children's education.

I support the latter.

Whether we want to believe it or not, religious theory is a strong part of almost any aspect of education. It has forced people throughout history to question religious beliefs and develop hypotheses to either refute or support them. Conflict arises when people, for some reason or another, hold steadfast to one theory as if it were the unmitigated truth. Again,

look at the Middle East or, better yet, the Christian

church a few hundred years ago.

How can our country's children grow up intelligently

when they are denied a certain aspect of education? If we refuse to teach children various viewpoints on various topics then we are raising a nation of idiots.

Denying them the opportunity to look at a broad

spectrum of options and discern for themselves what

they support is denying the children a chance for

something democracy claims to uphold: individual liberty.

There is no individual liberty when, as children,

during their most educationally susceptible ages, are denied cognitive options. To debate against teaching a subject in school is ludicrous. To debate against a biased teacher glorifying one subject and ignoring other options, whether realistic or theoretical, is another story.

Dan Lehan

Technical Journalism


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