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Sep 292005
Authors: Matthew Galloway

To register, contact ASCSU's office, the County Clerk and Recorder Office at 200 W. Oak St. or at any Colorado Driver's License Office.

To vote by absentee ballot, print an application form at: and mail to the Larimer County Elections Office, PO Box 1547, Fort Collins, CO 80522 by Oct. 21.

A written request may be sent, but must include name, residence address, date of birth, instructions on where to send the ballot and a signature.

An early voting center will be on campus in Room 114C of the LSC from Oct. 17 to 28 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students hoping to register are urged to bring a photo ID with a Colorado address and a preprinted voter card.

For more information, including maps and additional sites visit

Voter registration is set to close Oct. 3 for those who would participate in the November election, yet on the Plaza, New Voters Project (NVP) volunteers' trademarked red jackets were nowhere to be seen.

Matt McClintic, their campaign organizer, said this isn't a huge election year and a new Colorado law holds NVP accountable for incorrect information on collected forms.

This year they will "focus on non-partisan education and handing out forms with free stamps."

The Associated Students of CSU, who helped NVP register 3,000 voters last year, decided to work with the new legislation.

Courtney Przybylski, director of Community Affairs and a junior technical journalism major, attended an "intensive" training session at the Secretary of State's office. On her return to CSU she was able to train volunteers for ASCSU's own voter-registration drive.

"My name is on the forms, so I want to make sure everything is correct," Przybylski said. As the only state-trained member, she could be investigated for voter fraud if the state's standards are not met.

ASCSU's voter registration drive began Sept. 16.

Volunteers were on the Plaza Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and in Morgan Library Tuesdays and Wednesdays pushing students to register to vote.

Volunteers will be in both areas Monday for a last push.

Wednesday, ASCSU worked with the Residence Hall Association to register dorm residents. Pi Sigma Alpha helped as well, registering 50 people in a single day.

"We've registered about 120 people total," Przybylski said. "The New Voters Project signed up most of the eligible voters last year."

This year they need to register people who will be 18 years old by Nov. 1 or who are new Larimer County residents.

Scott Doyle, Larimer County clerk and recorder, said of last year's voting turnout, "Much to my delight, students were voting and seemed fairly knowledgeable about the issues. It's a trend I hope to see continue."

Last year was the first year an early voting center was placed on campus.

"We felt like there was enough population and the university wanted us there," said Jan Kuhnen, chief deputy clerk and recorder and director of elections.

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