Sep 292005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

10. Caring for others:

You don't want your professor to be all alone in a big lecture hall.

9. Smart spending:

You're not wasting the $40 bucks you pay to be there.

8. Responsibility:

Showing up today proves to us that you really are big boys and girls.

7. Appearance:

You don't care about the hot dog wrapper stuck in your hair or wearing the same clothes from the game; school is the most important thing!

6. Grades:

You will be there for that quiz you know your professor will give, just because they can.

5. You illustrate our favorite old saying, "Less is more":

Instead of a three day weekend, you can have a two day weekend!

4. Toughness (For our wrist-banded readers):

Coming to class with a hangover proves you are a true warrior.

3. Showing up is half the battle:

Even though you slept through class, you were still present, which we admire.

2. Friendship:

You took one for the team and volunteered to take notes for all your slacker friends who are still in bed.

1. Ram Pride:

I love looking at that face paint you couldn't get off last night.

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