To the Editor,

Sep 292005

It was hard to tell if M. William Watson's Wednesday letter to the editor was satire or not. If it was satire, then it was clever – if somewhat cryptic. Otherwise, his assertions were ridiculous.

He suggests that voting yes on C and D leads to an unlimited budget.

This is not the case. The fact is that TABOR is unsuitable for the present economic climate in the state. Hopefully the recession we're in is temporary. In that case, a temporary suspension of TABOR is appropriate. Referendums C and D merely provide for some flexibility to fund the state's operations as they stand.

Mr. Watson also claims that college students live on a budget while "poor bureaucrats" and congressmen seem unable to. That assertion disregards the fact that college students can, and do, in-debt themselves while the state may not spend on a deficit to get through leaner times.

Robert Wade



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To the Editor:

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Sep 292005

In response to Brennan Vogt's response to 11-year-old Ben DeNardo:

It seems as though Mr. Vogt should critically analyze his own views as he does those of others. Perhaps Mr. Vogt "is just regurgitating what he hears from his parents and the media," as he claims the young Mr. DeNardo is.

Al Quaeda ran to Iraq? It seems ironic that we didn't attack Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, etc. for allegedly having Al Quaeda members run to their countries.

Our government has openly admitted that there was no connection between Iraq and the atrocities of 9/11 or the operations of Al Quaeda. Do a little research on the Baath party, Mr. Vogt, rather than regurgitating the press releases from the White House.

Just think, if you were a terrorist organization, what would help you recruit more members? Possibly an illegal war, with ever changing justification that kills hundreds of thousands of civilians will help.

Mr. Vogt fails to recognize, or is unaware, that Halliburton, among others close to our government, profited largely from the Oil for Food program in Iraq, as well as dealings with other "Axis of Evil" countries that supposedly support terrorism and continue to profit largely with no-bid contracts, even after falsifying expenditures and ripping off the American people.

Mr. Vogt also fails to recognize that there were protests to the invasion of Kosovo, where, incidentally, a major conflict was already underway, while trying to compare apples and oranges. Ever heard of the Bush Doctrine? You know, the justification of wars of aggression as "pre-emptive."

It is disturbing that people like Mr. Vogt actually think corruption on a massive scale is the problem at the U.N., but couldn't possibly be a problem here in the richest country on the planet unless the political party they oppose is in power. And more disturbing, Mr. Vogt is a history and education major. It is too bad that children are taught the type of nonsense Mr. Vogt spews forth from "educators" as fact.

Brandon Lehman



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