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Sep 292005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It's a difficult time for American politics. Wednesday, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay stepped down from his position following an indictment by a Texas grand jury on conspiracy charges. DeLay, along with two of his associates, is accused of funneling corporate funds to Republicans during the state's 2002 elections, thus helping them win control of the Texas House of Representatives.

While DeLay claims he is a victim of "blatant political partisanship," these charges are not and should not be taken lightly. Evidence against DeLay has not been released, but a full, non-partisan investigation into the issue should be underway. It seems as though the battle lines have been drawn, and the fight between Republicans and Democrats has become fiercer than ever.

DeLay's indictment could not come at a worse time for Republicans. President Bush's approval rating has been fluctuating after questions regarding FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina has left politicians and citizens wondering what went wrong. A decisive shift in the Supreme Court also has turned heads, with the confirmation of Judge John Roberts as Supreme Court Justice in the bag and an open seat still waiting to be filled.

The outcome of DeLay's indictment could raise some serious questions into the validity of the Republican Party. As a leader, DeLay should be representing his political affiliation positively. Even if he is cleared of all charges, this case will hang over his head for the remainder of his political career.

We should all take interest in these issues. These are the politicians who are representing U.S. citizens. This case is not about political affiliation, but about justice. It seems as though we are getting farther away from being able to trust those who represent us, and that's disappointing.

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