Dear Microbiology Ken:

Sep 292005

I will help you with the facts:

1) Open question: Name one time, one event in the last 100 years where the federal government has usurped the constitutional authority of a state or local government? Our constitution does not allow this.

2) The incompetent FEMA team did not seem so incompetent when four Hurricanes hit Florida last year. And, the governor and mayor didn't have any problems taking care of things.

3) Lastly, consider the pictures of a large bus lot underwater. The mayor says there were school buses and he couldn't do anything with them to direct their use. Since when?

They, like Denver, probably use city school buses on game day to move fans to sporting events, how come they couldn't use them to get the people out of the poverty stricken areas or hospitals?

We can agree on one thing, it was a total disaster. So where do we go from here? Do we spend time placing blame or do we spend time trying to help these people and rebuild? Or do we disagree on this too?

Andrea Matich



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