Raising taxes irresponsible

Sep 272005

Ah, raising taxes: the solution to all of life's problems. Stealing money from those who earn it and giving it to the societal detritus we proudly call government so it can flush it down the toilet for us, now that's liberty! After all, what is freedom if not the unencumbering of the government from the annoyance of having to work within the confines of a budget?

Sure, we as college students, the collectively poorest segment of society, do NOTHING but work within a budget, but we wouldn't want poor bureaucrats like Larry Penley to do the same would we!!?? Hell no, we wouldn't!

The last thing we want as a society is to put pressure on our fearless leaders, like the honorable Dr. Penley, to cut costs and make the periodic difficult decision. So c'mon guys, let's make our governmental representatives jobs even easier and provide them with an unlimited budget. Vote yes on C and D and ALWAYS vote for tuition increases! It's not like we need the money.


M. William Watson


Sports Medicine

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