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Sep 272005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Today marks the middle of CSU's fifth annual Diversity Conference. In a city that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is 89.6 percent white, it is even more important for people of all ethnicities to take time to learn about other cultures. This is an opportunity for students, CSU faculty and community members to broaden their viewpoints, eliminate prejudices and learn about their neighbors.

Diversity should be promoted and celebrated. Try a different kind of food, learn a different language, sit down and talk to someone with a different background and history from your own. Not only will it open your eyes to a world much larger than Fort Collins, or the United States, but it will also teach you respect and understanding.

The Diversity Conference brings people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities to the same place with a common goal: to educate others and create an open forum for discussion and expression.

Issues of ethnic prejudices aren't the only subjects addressed. The role of gender is also discussed.

So if you get a chance, even if it's in between classes, we encourage you to take a moment and go to one of the lectures. Just stop and listen. Push yourself outside of your normal comfort zone.

Each culture has something unique to offer the world. All we have to do is make the effort to learn about those who are different than we are.

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