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Sep 272005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

I am often inundated with "great" ideas for columns. It seems that every friend I see has tips for not only how I could have improved my most recent column but also has a suggestion for next week's topic. This occurs so regularly that I have developed a near supernatural ability of ignoring any suggestions I receive.

I had to overcome this reaction early last week however, when a friend finally suggested something worthwhile to write about. He suggested I write about the "Up 'Til Dawn" fundraiser that he helps with on campus, in hopes of spreading the word beyond those few on campus who are already involved.

"What is 'Up 'Til Dawn?' Is that another one of your frat fundraisers?" I asked him. He assured me it was not a fraternity thing and described what is indeed a fine opportunity for the students of CSU to get involved in a great cause.

"Up 'Til Dawn" is a fundraiser held at colleges and universities nation wide that supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. According to their website, ( St. Jude's is based in Memphis, Tenn. and serves the sole purpose of conducting research on childhood diseases, mainly cancer. They treat children regardless of their ability to pay and cover their operating costs primarily with donations. Since their inception, St. Jude's has treated more than 20,000 children from the U.S. and 80 foreign countries and they continue to improve childhood cancer survival rates every year.

Most of us know in light of recent tragedies in this country how helpless it feels to not be able to do anything other than donate money. That is why "Up 'Til Dawn" is such a unique opportunity. It allows students right here at CSU to contribute time and effort to helping a great cause. Beginning Friday, registered teams will participate in a series of fundraising events such as putt-putt golf on the Lory Student Center Plaza with the chance to win free food and Starbucks. These events occur throughout the semester culminating in the all-night event where students will stay Up 'Til Dawn.

Now, you may be asking yourself how you and your friends can get a team signed up and start competing. Well, don't fear. I have got you covered. Simply pick up a registration form at the information desk, fill it out and return it before the Oct. 5 deadline. Rumor has it that President Penley has been challenged to sign up a team so who knows, you may get to bump shoulders with some high-end executives of CSU.

Last year the program raised over $36,000 and I am sure that will be an easy mark to beat this year. Not to mention this will help little kids around the world who otherwise would have no means to battle the terminal illnesses they have been dealt.

To see some of the children this fund-raising program will be helping or to read more about St. Jude's in general visit the Website, And for more information or to get involved with the "Up 'Til Dawn" fundraiser you can simply e-mail, because I'm sure I haven't covered it all.

If you have some free time on your hands, don't miss this opportunity. You can hang out with your friends, participate in some fun activities, win some prizes and maybe even save some lives.

Ryan Chapman is a senior marketing major whose column runs every Wednesday.


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