Sep 272005

I am writing in response to "11 year old Bashes Bush," and it's obvious Ben DeNardo is just regurgitating what he hears from his parents and the media. Come on, what kind of 11 year old listens to NPR, or any talk radio station for that matter, when they don't have to (also NPR is said to be very liberal)? Obviously this kid's parents are extremely liberal and he doesn't get both sides of the political world.

First of all, the United States attacked Afghanistan because that is where the people who attacked on Sept. 11 just so happen to be from. That also is where Al-Qaeda was and still is primarily based. We attacked Iraq because Al-Qeada ran to Iraq after the attack on Afghanistan. The fact the U.S. attacked Iraq was to find non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction, or in other words, chemical and biological weapons.

The U.S. did ask for United Nations support but they refused to support the U.S., because Russia, France and Germany, who are members of the U.N., were on the payroll of Sadam and receiving money and oil illegally. The reason why these countries didn't want the U.S. to attack was that they would be discovered and the corruption would be uncovered.

So with the massive corruption uncovered in the U.N., the people standing on the corner with the U.N. flag should be embarrassed and ashamed. On top of trying to find the weapons, the U.S. also took an evil dictator out of power, who has killed millions of innocent people.

Also, I would like to point out there were no anti-war protests when Clinton invaded Kosovo, which was a U.S.-only effort.

Brennan Vogt Junior

History and Education major

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