Tuesday, Sept. 27 Ramtalk

Sep 262005

Please turn in all your civil rights at the wristband booth.

Croc shoes are the stupidest thing I've ever seen. To all the guys wearing them, you look like chicks.

Does anyone feel like we are in pre-school? Next they're going to make me wear one of those toddler leashes to drink a beer at a flippin' football game.

How do you cram a latte anyway?

To all dog owners: Fort Collins has a leash law. So the next time your dog is off its leash and it comes running up to my leashed dog and you say "it's ok it's friendly", I won't bother explaining that my dog isn't. I will just let him eat your dog. Leash your dog for its own safety, not to mention everyone else's.

Some sports at CSU are ranked nationally every year and you don't hear them complaining about not having enough fans at their games or events. Some sports need to suck it up or start winning.

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