Sep 262005
Authors: James Baetke, Brandon Lowrey

Two of four men accused of trying rob a residence a block east of the CSU campus appeared in court Monday, where a judge declined to lower the suspects' bail despite pleas from one of the defendants.

Instead, the judge set a bail hearing for next month. The four co-defendants are being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Robert Cruz and Gerald Batrez allegedly took part in a home robbery on Sept. 7 where Cruz Garrison reportedly used a shotgun to demand cash and drugs from a resident of a house in the 1200 block of Remington Street, Fort Collins police said.

Police said Garrison was holding a man hostage to gain entry into another residence when a neighbor, armed with his own shotgun, shot Garrison in the arm. Garrison was later admitted to a local hospital.

Larimer County District Judge James Hiatt set a bond hearing for Batrez on Oct. 3 amid pleas from his court-appointed attorney and the defendant himself to settle the matter right away.

"I have been in jail for 19 days," Batrez said, who faces felony charges that he was an accessory in the getaway vehicle after the failed robbery.

Cruz and another man, Mitchell Rosales, face charges of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and menacing. Garisson faces charges including second-degree kidnapping and robbery.

Hiatt said that Cruz and some of the other defendants would have a chance to appeal their bond in a preliminary court hearing set for Oct.20.

The Sept. 7 robbery occurred on the 1200 block of Remington Street, but police believe the robbery was linked to others that occurred two days prior. Residents living in the area told the Collegian that break-ins along the block were happening frequently.

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