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Sep 252005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The first home football game seemed to play out rather smoothly. The Rams came out victorious, there didn't appear to be too much trouble tailgating and the student section looked full and green.

But there were a few problems. For one, it was absolutely embarrassing to look across Hughes Stadium at the west end to see hundreds of empty seats. While the students pulled their weight and filled up the east end, where was the Fort Collins community? It is not hard to fill a stadium of 34,000 seats. It was the first game of the season. There shouldn't have been an empty seat in the stadium.

Another problem. When sitting in the student section, fans should be familiar with proper etiquette. It is tradition that we take out our keys and jingle them ONLY when the Rams kick the ball off. Otherwise, it is considered bad luck. Another thing that was disappointing was the lack of energy inside the stadium while our team was on defense. When our opponent has the ball and it's third down, fans need to get loud. It rallies the defense and makes it tough for the opposition to hear. While CSU is on offense, that is the time to sit back give respect to your team.

Hopefully, this was all just first-game jitters or something. With Air Force on Thursday night, we expect a better showing on both ends of the stadium.

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