Bow Wow rolls to the groove

Sep 252005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Do you miss your elementary and middle school years at the skate rink? Is jammin' out to the good ol' 70's classic soul your idea of a good time? Does Bow Wow make your heart skip a beat? Alright, well, even if Bow Wow's moves don't make your mouth water, this weekend's phenomenal release of "Roll Bounce" is sure to get you outta your seat and shakin' it all the way to the roller rink.

No longer lil', Bow Wow stars as X, a true-to-the-core roller skater trying to be the best he can be. When X's home rink, The Garden, shuts down for good, he and his crew, The Garden Boys, have to commute across town to the Sweetwater rink, which is apparently the next best place around.

Just when the boys are getting warmed up, the place comes to a standstill as local hero, Sweetness, skates in with his band of smooth dudes and fly girls. If you know X and his gang, you know they can't let this slick skater have ultimate reign over the rink. The Sweetwater Skateoff is in a couple weeks, and it's high time for The Garden Boys to buckle down and practice up if they want to take home the trophy.

This is Malcolm D. Lee's third directing job and, by far, his most outstanding, although with "Undercover Brother" being his previous flick, it doesn't take much.

Bow Wow's acting far exceeded expectations, and Wesley Jonathan's role as Sweetness is smooth, cool and cocky, perfect for a 70's skate antagonist.

The flick is definitely geared toward a family experience, although watch out for some crude and racial humor tossed in, a staple for all flicks in the genre. Lee did a good job giving "Roll Bounce" that old 1970s fuzzy film feel with the cinematography and soundtrack, keeping your eyes entertained and your feet dancing.

The best way to experience this smooth soul skating extravaganza would be to get thirty of your good friends together, strap on your skates and roll on down to the theatre, it's sure to be a fun-loving time for all.

Be on the lookout for the Wesley Snipes cameo too, apparently he's a big roller-rink fan as well.

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