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Authors: Trevor Edy

Like your mom always said, "it's all fun until someone gets hurt." A long list of injuries has plagued the Rams football team this season. Will they bring the Rams down or will we see an unknown name break out?

When senior safety Ben Stratton's season ended with a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament the Rams were forced to find someone to fill his shoes. Travis Garcia has stepped up and exceeded everyone's expectations on what kind of player he could be.

The loss of our best defensive player didn't mean the loss of confidence in our team.

Then came the injury to starting running back, Nnamdi Ohaeri, in Boulder. Ohaeri was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain after only seven carries as a Ram. Sophomore Kyle Bell will have to take over the backfield Saturday for the first time in his collegiate career. Will we watch an inexperienced sophomore back get 10 to 15 short carries? Or will we see a starting back who runs for 100 to 150 yards on the ground in his first collegiate start?

Fans gasped when they saw senior quarterback and offensive leader Justin Holland gimp off the field after an ankle injury.

Although Holland came back into the game, the sight brought back many memories of last year, when Holland had an ankle injury in the sixth game and was sidelined the rest of the season. What would last season have been like if Holland did not get hurt? Hopefully we will find out this year.

Although injuries are a part of the game, there are only so many impact players a team can lose in a season. Even the injuries to some role players have hurt the Rams on defense yet again. We don't want to be a second string team all season long.

If people keep getting hurt, the Rams are going to have to start going deeper and deeper into a bench that only gets younger and more inexperienced.

Sophomore cornerback Darryl Williams did not start in the Minnesota game due to a concussion suffered in Boulder. Williams was the missing link to the secondary that needed some help in Minneapolis.

Sophomore wide receiver and return man George Hill was questionable earlier this week due to a concussion, but is now cleared to play this Saturday. Hill showed what he could do on special teams in the two games prior, to give the Rams that much-needed spark and energy when the team needed it most.

Although it is interesting to see how people perform in the face of adversity, there are only so many injuries a team can take. So pray that the Rams have seen enough changes to the depth chart as they battle to get a win at Hughes this Saturday. But be on the lookout for those hidden heroes.

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