Sep 222005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

10. "My golden retriever is taking over the play calling for the game."

9. "Are you guys getting beat by a sorority house out there? You guys got a bunch of Kappa Kappa Whatevers coming over later?"

Dane Stratton, freshman offensive lineman

8. "We may have lost, but I have good news…I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!"

7. "Flying V! Hey, it worked for the Mighty Ducks."

6. "It looks like a battle of softness out there."

Clint Oldenburg, junior offensive lineman

5. "I placed a bet on Nevada, so either way I come out a winner."

4. "Ryan Leaf is our new quarterback's coach."

3. "The score doesn't matter; we are all winners."

2. "My horoscope told me that although I may not be successful at work today, I am going to find five dollars in my coat pocket…so that's nice."

1. "Who are we playing?"

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