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I was appalled to not only see Tim Waddingham's title to his editorial, but also what he wrote about his term "Christian conservatives." I would like touch on a couple of the issues that Mr. Waddingham is widely mistaken about.

First of all, the fact he says that there are no Christians who vote Democrat. Bill Clinton claimed to be a Christian, not that he is a very good example of Christian values or morals, but he said he was. He also knew that Saddam Hussein was killing, raping and torturing men, women and children in Iraq and did nothing. So, I am not sure what type of morals or values you would like to see in your president, Mr. Waddingham.

Secondly, what was happening in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had nothing to do with the president. Yes, it was terrible to hear about, but it was the mayor and governor that didn't take precautions before the hurricane and didn't call the National Guard in when they should have. If the mayor and governor would have followed the procedures from the "Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Evacuation and Sheltering Plan," then much of what happened would have been prevented.

Also, President Bush is over the entire country; he cannot and will not decide what goes on at the city and state level. So, your so-called "Christian conservatives" were not at fault here, it was your "Christian liberals" who have failed you, Mr. Waddingham.

Andrea Matich



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