Sep 222005

There's a balcony outside my bathroom window. Sometimes I make a white beard out of bubble bath and stand out on the balcony pretending to be Saruman from "Lord of the Rings." I almost caused a car accident on the road below once and laughed my most evil laugh.

My vote for the coolest movie character of all time: Eric Gordon from Billy Madison. Not only is he the perfect villain, but he put Joyce, his secretary, in a coma by simply throwing a TV remote at her…with his left hand! Coolest ever!

I hate people who write to the editor and say, "Think about it," at the end of their letter. It makes you sound like a pretentious jerk and negates any useful point you had.

So if the sidewalk isn't even big enough for two people to pass each other, it shouldn't be called a sidewalk. It is really just an extended curb, and a real sidewalk ought to be built so that people can walk places.

If everyone else in the world were suddenly to vaporize and we would have to try and repopulate the earth, I would hope to be stuck in my ECCC211 class, because there are some FINE human specimens in there!

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