Rams fans can be safe fans

Sep 222005
Authors: Kathryn Dailey

CSU takes on Nevada at 4 p.m. Saturday at Hughes Stadium.

With the popularity of tailgating and drinking before games, students have options for safe rides home.

Sullivans, 820 City Park Ave., offers a bus ride to the stadium. Jamey Hancock, general manager , recommends getting to Sullivan's an hour before the game to catch the bus. One bus will leave the stadium at half time and another after the game.

"We do this as a service to the community," Hancock said.

RamRide will be running its normal hours Saturday, but will not be overlapping with the game, said Associated Students of CSU Vice President Jon Muller .

Positive Impact will be offering sober rides home to individuals who are too intoxicated to be allowed into the stadium. However, Muller said, it is more of a safety precaution and not accessible to everyone.

"Obviously we don't want (inebriated individuals) getting back into their cars," Muller said.

Rams' Express is another option for students to get home. The route runs all around campus starting at the Hilton across from campus going down Meridian Avenue to the art building lot, then to the Lory Student Center lot. From there, Rams' Express continues to the Moby Arena lot, past Rams Village and then to Hughes Stadium, said Sgt. Keith Turney of the CSU Police Department .

"It's always the best option for someone who's had too much to drink and wants a ride," Turney said.

Susan Vance , crime prevention officer for Fort Collins Police Services, said that Driving Under the Influence enforcement will be increased, primarily after the game.

Both officers from CSUPD and FCPS will be in and out of the stadium and directing traffic at the game, Vance said.




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