Sep 222005
Authors: James Baetke

A man who was arrested in Fort Collins for allegedly paying cash to a 17-year-old boy for sex is suspected of killing himself less than a week after being incarcerated, police said.

Robert Cook, 53, ran a group home in his house in Lakewood for troubled teens. He was found dead in his home by a Denver TV news crew who were seeking to talk to him about the criminal charges against him.

According to Rita Davis, spokeswoman for Fort Collins Police Services, authorities responded to a call concerning suspicious circumstances in a southeast Fort Collins neighborhood Sept.14 around 12:40 a.m.

Ultimately, police suspected Cook was engaging in sex acts for money with a boy.

"When we went to check in with the informant, an individual came forward and said he was paid for sexual favors," Davis said.

Cook was arrested that Wednesday morning for prostituting a child, a felony, and two days later posted a $30,000 bail.

"There is no indication of foul play. It looks like a suicide," said the spokesman for Lakewood Police, Steve Davis.

When a CBS 4 News crew saw a car running in the driveway and a tube leading from the car's exhaust pipe into a basement window, they called police where he was eventually found dead, Davis said.

Cook had a court hearing scheduled two days after his death related to the prostitution charge.

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