ASCSU debates Spirit Code

Sep 212005
Authors: Cari Merrill

The discussion of alcohol dominated Wednesday's meeting of the Associated Students of CSU.

ASCSU will speak to CSU President Larry Penley in the Revision of Alcohol policy and they say they are ready to move on from the alcohol issues of the past year regarding the Alcohol Task Force.

"We're ready to move forward," said Mark Settle, a senator for the college of liberal arts. "We'd like to work with Penley."

ASCSU is proud of the work the alcohol task force did and they applaud the fact that the beer is back at Hughes Stadium.

The policy states, "ASCSU hopes to continue working closely with President Penley and the student body."

The more heated dialogue of the night was regarding the debate over the Green and Gold Spirit Code.

Emergency status was asked for the Spirit Code but was denied because of the controversy surrounding the issue. A vote could not be taken Wednesday night and instead the Code will go back to committee.

The Green and Gold Spirit code states, "CSU has officially adopted the Green and Gold Spirit Code as the code of expectations of CSU students in accordance with being a RamFan, thus ensuring a safe and enjoyable time of everyone attending a CSU event."

The reason for sending it back to committee was the debate over ASCSU members being held to a higher standard.

Some ASCSU members are worried about being impeached if they are caught in violation of the Code.

For example, if caught drinking underage, ASCSU members can be impeached from the senate. Some senators feel that it is unfair because underage drinking is an offense that many college students commit and they should not be impeached for typical college acts.

There is no requirement for students to sign the Code; it is basically taking CSU students at their word.

"There's no punishment if they don't (live up to the Code)," said Nic Redavid, director of marketing. "We hope they live up to it."

Other issues discussed were RamRide and their use of a GPS device as well as the progress of the construction of the transit center at the Lory Student Center. Both issues will continue to be discussed at future meetings.

The Ram Leadership Team (RLT) also swore in its new members. ASCSU Vice President Jon Muller swore in approximately 30 freshmen.

The RLT program addresses leadership aspects and helps new students in the areas of diversity, change, communication and life skills, said the ASCSU website.

Students also hope to further their careers by being a part of RLT.

"I wanted to be a part of the RLT mainly as a resume booster," said Megan Tilley, a freshman open option major seeking anthropology. "And it was a way to get involved."

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