To the editor:

Sep 202005

Students at CSU drink. A majority of them drink too much, go home with random people, and wake up the following morning remembering nothing.

So I have to ask, why does any of this only become newsworthy when fraternities and sororities are involved? Greeks are a group on this campus that is held to an unfair standard. All of the positive contributions they make to the community get unfairly overlooked.

There have been countless situations where a person will arrive at a fraternity house intoxicated and the appropriate course of action is taken. The person is carefully monitored and if the situation warrants, taken to the hospital. No one ever hears about these stories, or the millions of dollars that Greek organizations raise every year for various charities.

The "Animal House" image of Greeks has almost died, but is kept on life support because of poor journalism that only attempts to magnify this negative image. I see the Campus Blotter has, almost daily, a person in the dorms or around the campus either cited for underage drinking or taken to detox. Where are the stories about drinking in the dorms or other local areas of Fort Collins? How about we try to take the spotlight off those "naughty Greeks" and point it at the rest of our "perfect" CSU society.

John Yost and Stephanie Kozar

junior and sophomore

Speech Communications and Business/Psychology major

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