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Sep 202005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Public Forum Only Works When Both Sides Contribute

One of the basic premises of the Collegian's opinion page is to allow readers a medium to express their views through letters, guest columns and Ramtalk. The Collegian, as is our policy, does not discriminate or withhold the views of anyone on the basis of opinions. If there is a complaint regarding the paper's content, whether it is on the opinion page or with news content, it is just as likely to be printed as a compliment is.

One of the exceptions to printing feedback, along with derogatory or inflammatory comments, is the use of anonymity. As policy, the Collegian will decline to publish any letters or comments that do not include a writer's name and information. It is this policy that has prevented the running of numerous letters the Collegian has received in response to the recent Greek incidents at CSU. While many members of the Greek System have much to say in their defense, for reasons relating to their own organizational policies, they decline to use their own names or ask for withdrawal of their letters soon after submitting them.

The Collegian regularly opens its forum to students and organizations that wish to express their viewpoints. This invitation has been extended to several Greek organizations as well. However, only one fraternity has taken our offer and submitted a guest editorial column.

The Collegian strives to present both sides to every argument whenever possible. If one of those sides is prevented from speaking due to its own rules, then the feedback will undoubtedly appear single-sided.

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