Sep 202005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

It's the most misleading argument in the history of sports.

Professional players aren't in touch with the game. They do it for the paycheck, attention and – ultimately – themselves. Sports agents with horns coming out of their heads sit behind their greedy clients, each showering in their own wealth.

College players, on the other hand, do it for their love for the game. They never show bad sportsmanship or horde the media to themselves. Coaches, straight out of Disney movies, hold hands with their innocent players and somewhere an angel finds its wings.


I swear, if I hear another person talk about the corruption of the NFL, and how they've converted to loving college football because of it, I'll purposely choke on my next beer nut.

Let's face it, we're living in a college era that has recently produced Maurice Clarett and the CU Buff's recruiting methods – college football is far from innocent.

But that's nothing compared to the antics of Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, is it?

Well, I agree the NFL should apologize every time Owens opens his mouth and something stupid and ignorant falls out. However, when people bring up this argument they clump the entire league together because of the actions of a few.

Tell Jerry Rice that every player is corrupt and only in the league for the money. Tell the man holding 38 NFL records, who said he played so long for the love of the game, but couldn't keep playing if the game didn't love him – that the NFL is evil.

You people who are on your college football addiction need to come to grips with reality. True sports fans will agree – if the NFL was full of bloodsucking vampires who all called themselves 'TO', I'd still watch them over college football.

Why? Because they are better.

I watch football to see athletes do things I could never do. If you want to watch pure football played for all the right reasons, go watch the neighborhood pee-wee football game. If you want to see one-handed grabs and punishing tackles, watch the pros.

Don't get me wrong, college football is great, and you'll have to peel me off the couch on Saturday nights when it's over. But when it comes to football, the NFL is king. Period.

But if you are still offended by the millions of dollars they make or the touchdowns they celebrate – just think of the New York Yankees.

They could be a lot worse.

Brett Okamoto is a sophomore technical journalism major. He is the sports editor for the Collegian.

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