Sep 202005
Authors: Scott Bondy

If you want to see athletes that give it their all 100 percent of the time, do you watch games on Saturdays or Sundays? If you're smart, you're answering Saturdays.

College football is about heart and desire. Pro football is about money and according to Terrell Owens, feeding your family.

College football is a pure game (exceptions given to Maurice Clarett, Rick Neuheisel, Lou Holtz). Each day after class, these student athletes bust their butts for their school and their pride. Some don't have scholarships and some may never step foot on the field but they are out there everyday.

I watch college football because these guys want to be out there; they don't look at the NCAA as a business.

I was once naive and ignorant to the ways of college football. But after fifth grade I realized that just because they get paid in the NFL, it doesn't make it better. I thought college players were inferior athletes, incapable of many of the things that NFL players could accomplish.

It's true, not all college players are NFL caliber athletes and will never be, but that is not my argument. The college game is better despite that.

Losing on a Sunday doesn't really matter all that much. There are 16 games compared to the 12 or so that make up a college season. If you lose on a Saturday, you might want to rearrange your schedule, because you most likely won't be playing for a championship.

The rivalries are better in college football and it's because of the college students. There are no better fans than college students.

Oklahoma-Texas, Michigan-Notre Dame, Florida-Tennessee are some of the best rivalries in any sport. You know college football has better rivalries when the games are named the "Border War," "Egg Bowl" or the "Iron Bowl."

Take a look at the stadiums. The biggest NFL stadium holds about 80,000 people. That's great and all but Michigan holds over 107,000.

"College Gameday" could possibly be one of the best sports shows on television. They have the best announcers in the business in Kirk Herbstreit, Dan Fowler and Lee Corso. It is painful to watch football on ABC with John Madden. Games on CBS are even worse; I don't even bother to tune in.

Marching bands. Need I say more? How 'bout fight songs. When was the last time you saw crowd surfing or crowd pushups at an NFL game?

Randy Moss plays when he wants, Owens is scared that $49 million won't feed his family and Onterrio Smith's best friend is the Whizzinator.

Even if these college athletes are playing for the chance at an NFL career, you know they want it more before they get there.

Don't be fooled by anyone who says otherwise, even if he is sports editor for the Collegian. It's just a shame the USC Trojan's could beat his team, the Cleveland Browns.

Scott Bondy is a senior psychology major. He is the associate managing editor of sports and special sections at the Collegian.

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