Dear Editor,

Sep 202005

Voters! Please go to the polls or mail in your ballot by Nov. 1 and vote YES on the Referred Issue 2A- quarter-cent sales tax renewal.

Proceeds from Referred Issue 2A will be used to pay for about a dozen items that will only add to the great quality of life we already enjoy in our friendly city.

Most of the items paid for by Referred Issue 2A involve transportation projects that will improve traffic flow, and make our roads safer for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. Other items involve

renovating or improving our parks, the Lincoln Center and the Senior Center and upgrading technology in our libraries and for our police.

Referred Issue 2A also includes funds for an exciting new building that would house the Discovery Science Center and the Fort Collins Museum. The Discovery Science Center is providing significant matching funds for this project, and the new facility would allow both organizations to share resources and ideas.

Renewing the quarter-cent sales tax will allow us to keep our community a great place to live, work and visit, all without a tax rate increase.

Vote YES on Referred Issue 2A.

Dr. Andrew Warnock

Board Member, Discovery Science Center

Fort Collins

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