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Sep 192005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Don't talk to strangers. Don't walk alone at night. Never leave your drink unattended.

Starting when they are little girls, women hear these warnings over and over again – but assault, rapes and kidnappings happen every day.

Early Sunday morning, a man posing as a Safe Walk officer approached a female student on campus. Luckily, she got away safely, but this man has opened the door to other potential offenders and closed a door for many CSU women.

Strangers are already a threat, but when someone impersonates an authority, it affects their credibility. How many people are going to trust Safe Walk officers now?

Women can't be expected to hole up in their houses and only leave when escorted by a 7-foot, 400-pound bodyguard. But at the same time, the truth is, they don't have the freedom to walk around at all hours as they please.

Yes, Safe Walk is a good program that should be used and emergency call boxes can help protect too.

Ultimately, women are on their own and need to take precautions to protect themselves.

If the student approached on Sunday didn't bother to ask the perpetrator for ID or wasn't aware enough of what was going on to realize something was wrong, who knows what could have happened.

Take a self-defense course. Walk with a friend. Be aware of your surroundings. Check in with your roommates so they know when to expect you home.

Bad things will inevitably happen, but do all you can to prevent it.

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