Sep 182005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The announcement by CSU instructor and state representative Angie Paccione that she will be running for the fourth congressional district of Colorado is a good thing for the citizens of Northern Colorado.

The incumbent, one Marilyn Musgrave (R), has shown increasingly that she may be out of touch with her constituency, especially the CSU community. Instead of focusing on the issues that affect Fort Collins and its surrounding areas, Musgrave has shown a propensity to further her personal crusades and an unwillingness to vote against party lines. Rather than dealing with tuition hikes and economic issues, she has focused her time on passing a constitutional amendment that discriminates against gays.

Paccione, however, has shown an ability to cross the aisle and reach out to those on both sides of the political spectrum. This has been proven by her success as a democrat in an area dominated by republican voters. Paccione also has given a great amount of her attention and time to the people and issues of CSU.

While the Collegian is not endorsing a candidate at this time, it is welcoming an opponent to Musgrave who will open up the dialogue and not serve as a tackling dummy to the powerful republican demographic in this area. Paccione will bring the questions and issues to the tables, which need to be addressed before the next election.

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