Sep 182005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

It's become more and more apparent that the cliche of "you can't judge a book by its cover" seems to apply to movies and their trailers.

Although, is it a better idea to expect a crappy film and end up watching a decent one, or to expect a great time and end up slapping yourself in the face to stay awake? Either way, it wasn't the happiest of times to have to decide whether to go see "Venom" or "Cry_Wolf," and now I'm totally psyched to have chosen the latter. Not that it's the greatest thing comin' or anything, but it's a pretty good time, and actually pretty darn scary.

With a schoolgirl found murdered and ravaged in a forest near the local private high school, a group of friends decide it's high time to scare the lights out of their fellow students.

The kids not only start rumors of a serial killer known as "The Wolf" who's just begun another rampage, but give the gruesome details of how all of his victims were killed, basing the story on their own persons.

It's all fun and games until the real killer apparently gets the e-mail, and, one by one, they start showing up bloody and dead. Now the only questions are whom to believe and who to blame, which makes for one dramatic mess in which you certainly wouldn't want to get involved.

The story was pretty entertaining and the acting was surprisingly well done. The only disappointing part was the editing job and the flashy quick shots of the supposed murderer. One awesome thing was the presence of Lindy Booth, who has epic roles in both "Wrong Turn" and the "Dawn of the Dead" remake. She's just as awesome in this and does a great job of playing the role of a girl with whom no decent guy should ever get involved.

Another actor who's sure to bring a smile to your face is the illustrious Jon Bon Jovi! He plays the journalism teacher and ends up having a much bigger and better role than Scott Baio ever could in "Cursed." Way to go Jon Bon!

For a make-you-jump scare, full of way too quiet rooms and suspenseful school buildings, "Cry_Wolf" will do the job. Just don't expect a history-making horror flick, it's a little too formulistic for that.

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