Campus Blotter

Sep 182005


Theft of a power point projector from Engineering Building

Motor vehicle accident and hit and run in the University Square Lot

Motor vehicle accident involving property damage on Pitkin Street at the exit from the Pitkin "Z" lot

Verbal disturbance at Aggie Village

Two traffic cites, including one in the Engineering lot. Other warnings issued for stop sign there as well

Checked Veterinarian Teaching Hospital

Two parking tickets and 38 Bike Enforcement and Education Program cites

Welfare check at Allison Hall. A friend was concerned about a female after returning from a night out. The Resident Assistant was contacted and she called CSU Police Department. The female blew a .236 in the PBT. Ambulance was called to check her out – not a detox candidate. Girl was cited for underage consumption.

Five bottles of alcohol were turned over to CSUPD anonymously.

Suspicious circumstances at Braiden Hall – Report will be forwarded to investigations.

Traffic Enforcement and Education Program cite in the North Green Hall Lot. Cited two, both live in Allison Hall. They were both cited for careless driving and riding on the exterior of a moving vehicle. This was after observing one riding on the trunk of the other's car in the North Green Hall lot. Officers told first male repeatedly to get off the trunk of the car. When he finally got off the trunk he got in the car and both tried to leave. Foot patrol officers were able to convince them to stop. Incident was referred to housing as well.

Noise Complaint. Officers responded to the Towers courtyard near Durward Hall after a Resident Assistant reported that there were several males who were being too loud. Contacted a group of smokers and warned them to quiet down.

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