Sep 182005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

In a world of ongoing international conflict, with wars being fought for reasons long forgot and with a total lack of societal structure, you know there's got to be at least one shyster screwing over someone somewhere trying to make a buck.

Well, in this case, it's Nicolas Cage, and not only is he screwing someone over, he's also directly contributing to the murderous massacres of people all over the world, literally.

Cage stars as Yuri Orlav, an arms dealer who doesn't merely dabble in the international weapons trade, but rather takes it by the horns and refuses to let go, regardless of who's being stomped in the dirt.

Starting out small, nickel and diming an Uzi here and an AK-47 there, Yuri realizes this is only small cookies, and if he wants to be a successful businessman he must expand and give the guns to where the guns are needed the most. With wars and battles being fought from the highest international powers to the lowliest poverty-stricken third world countries, there's a constantly skyrocketing demand for weapons around the world.

For five or six years, it was a sketchy move to sit through a Nicolas Cage flick, with 'Snake Eyes' and 'Face/Off' putting quite the damper on the man's reputation. It's been said once and it'll be said again, thank goodness he's turned away from the dark side and brought back his serious acting skills.

He does such an awesome job of not giving two hoots about those lives he's affecting that near the end of the flick you'll realize you've been cheering him on and hoping he continues to succeed at supplying the murders thousands a day. By the mid-eighties his guns 'were being used in eight of the worlds top ten war zones' and he couldn't be more proud of it; every round getting pumped into some poor child by some other poor child is just another buck for his bank roll.

The cinematography in this one is nothing short of incredible. If you think the camera work in 'City of God' was amazing, then 'Lord of War' will no doubt boggle your eyeballs. The opening sequence alone of the life of a bullet will absolutely blow your mind.

It's both refreshing and relieving that a big gun such as Cage will stick his neck out and make a questionably offensive movie in a time when the only good movie is a 'safe' movie. 'Lord of War' does what needed to be done a long time ago: show those who will listen that the world is absolutely chaotic, and human beings will do anything within their grasp to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the madness.

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