Sep 142005
Authors: Collegian Staff

The National Council of Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity has announced the closing of the Kappa Alpha Chapter at CSU, according to a press release from the chapter's international office.

As of Oct. 1 the sorority will officially close.

"The current climate on campus and declining membership numbers would have made a reorganization recruitment effort difficult," the press release stated.

Although Zeta Tau Alpha was not involved in the recent alcohol violations this month, the media coverage contributed to their closure.

"In relation to all the recent media coverage of the events of Sept. 1, we've received so much negative press as a community that they thought recruitment would be difficult at this time," said Mark Koepsell, director of Greek Life.

The sorority purchased six quarter-page advertisements in the Collegian to help their recruitment efforts, according to the Student Media business office.

However, five of the six ads purchased were cancelled earlier this week, resulting in the refunding of $907 to the sorority.

The president of Zeta Tau Alpha was not able to comment on the situation and the international offices were unable to be reached.

"It's sad to lose chapters," Koepsell said. "My heart goes out to the women."

The international office for Zeta Tau Alpha hopes the sorority will make quick return to CSU, according to the press release.

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