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Sep 142005

Like any story you might hear, there is two sides to this one as well. The recent stir caused by a "Greek gather" two weeks ago has been exploited, misconstrued and manipulated to give onlookers a false perception of Greek Life at Colorado State University. I am writing this not as a Greek member, though I am, but as a tuition-paying student of CSU that feels the other side of the story needs be told.

The "Animal House" perception that has been portrayed of several Greek houses recently couldn't be further from the truth. Both administration and media sources have taken the name "rise and ralph" and fed everyone an extreme fabrication. Had the name "rise and congregate with your peers" been the label give by participants then perhaps there would have been less of a story. For anyone past or present that has attended a party during the course of their college years, it is quite obvious that the intentions of those who drink are not to become intoxicated to the point of nausea or "vomiting."

Though it is true that people consuming alcohol at social functions throughout the course of history have sometimes become intoxicated to the point of nausea, I am almost certain this was not their intention. Furthermore, anyone that has experienced vomiting first hand knows that it is not a desirable outcome.

To be more accurate, the tuition-paying students that participated in the event were not seeking to violate overbearing rules, drink to the point of throwing up or cause any trouble for themselves or the university. Rather, much like any other student at any given university, they sought to assemble with friends, celebrate the completion of something and enjoy each other's company. If this is an extreme wrongdoing then I think its time to rethink our policy at CSU. This is a deliberate overbearing infringement that happened to make it onto a paper and into the rulebooks of how adults are allowed to live their lives. If anyone is in the wrong of the situation, I believe it is the policy makers that put these rules into place to further control the Greek student population.

In addition, the following things need be known.

First, Pi Kappa Alpha (also known as the Pikes) is still an active chapter of their fraternity recognized by their nationals, though not by CSU. Administration has attempted to glorify Pi Kappa Alpha being "kicked off" of campus, but recognize this: Just down the road at the University of Colorado-Boulder, every-active fraternity is voluntarily disassociated from the university, which is the exact situation that Pi Kappa Alpha has recently embraced.

Second, it seems that administration at CSU is exploiting tragic events that have occurred in our recent past in an attempt to micromanage and unjustly carry themselves in a "Gestapo-like" manner towards Greek Life and its members. I am not sitting here saying there shouldn't be rules and regulations for fraternities and sororities, but when there is an overwhelming consensus that the administration has gone too far and the members of Greek Life begin to feel that administration has waged a "policy enforcement" war against them, it is time someone speaks up.

To the administration of CSU I state to you the following cliche: you were once young as well, and hopefully you're not too old to remember that you may have enjoyed the company of friends and a good time at one point in your life. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that one or two of you may have even consumed an alcoholic beverage at one point in your life (I don't want to overstep my boundaries or misconstrue things though).

On a closing note, I say to the administration at CSU, who have glorified and painted a false picture for many about the recent events, the following statement: In light of the horrendous tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, it is my CSU tuition-paying student opinion that you are directing your attention, as well as diverting the attention of many onlookers to a misconstrued, over-dramatized fabrication of a common "college party." Tens of thousands of people are dead in a city left in ruins, and all you can talk about and send e-mails to the entire student population about is the "tyrant-like" power-trip rules you are so eager to enforce to gain further control over students. Remember this before you get carried away with trying to rid the campus of Greek Life as we know it: We, the taxpaying students of CSU, write the tuition checks that pay your salaries.

Jesse Brooks

Pi Kappa Alpha


Political Science

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